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We are a floriculture formed by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the development, research, production and marketing of unconventional flowers of the highest quality.

THE CHAUPI FARM was born as a family business in 2013, after almost two years of research we decided to join forces to open our doors with the first production of the best quality Ranunculus and Anemonas in 2015.

We are located in the Cayambe canton, Olmedo parish at 3,200 meters above sea level, on the slopes of the Cayambe Volcano, this geographical location allows us to create varieties of roses with bright and intense colors to impact and enchant all markets worldwide.

Our skills and experience have strengthened us, allowing us to develop the best products for our clients.

Our Philosophy

Create employment opportunities in “El Chaupi” parish. In this way we promote the social and economic growth of our collaborators, establishing a mutual commitment to competitiveness and respect for the environment.

Our Mission

Experiment, evaluate, acclimatize and introduce new varieties of cereals, medicinal plants, vegetables and ornamental plants to meet the broader expectations of our customers.


Objective 1
Apply the highest technology in order to obtain an environmentally sustainable production.
Objective 2
Implement the technique of micro-tunnels to give an approach to the development of a modern and competitive agriculture, which implies the use of a series of technologies that are framed within the concept of sustainable and protected agriculture.
Objective 3
Develop research and produce non-traditional ornamental species for export, totally innovative.
Objective 4
Promote the Cayambe canton to the world in the use of state-of-the-art technologies, friendly to the environment.


Respect and Balance
People will be treated with respect, dignity, courtesy and justice at all times. A healthy perspective of life will be maintained, creating a balance between work and personal life.
Take the initiative to achieve the established goals, the members of the company accept the responsibility at a personal and corporate level to achieve the expected results.
Learning and receptivity
We seek to learn and grow individually and collectively as a result of our own and others’ experience; and take advantage of opportunities to teach and encourage the exchange of ideas.
Honesty and Integrity
The best presentation letter will be to demonstrate honesty and integrity in each of our actions, inspiring confidence in the client and fulfilling our commitments.

Work Team

Elizabeth Proaño - The Chaupi Farm

The Chaupi Farm is based mainly on research and introduction of new non-traditional crops for export. With the knowledge and experience in the technical, financial and commercial areas, we propose to promote the sustainable production of varieties of cereals, vegetables and ornamental plants.

Of the species mentioned above, their inflorescences will be harvested, which will be destined for export, their production will be carried out in the open field and in micro-tunnels. The project also includes the use of the highest technology, which will guarantee an adequate management of natural resources and care for the environment.

Elizabeth Proaño
General Manager
Milton Cholca - The Chaupi Farm




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