The Chaupi Farm Foundation

“The Chaupi Farm” was incorporated, as a company in Ecuador five years ago, at the County of “Cayambe“, in the Parrish “Olmedo“.

Cayambe Volcano

It is located at the slope of the “Cayambe Volcano“, at an altitude of 3,200 meters above sea level, which guarantees the production of flowers of the highest quality.

The Chaupi Farm está ubicado en las faldas del Volcán Cayambe

Adaptation of New Varieties

Throughout this time we have been dedicated to the development, introduction and adaptation of new varieties of RANUNCULUS y ANEMONES.

Encoded and Selected

For that purpose we have encoded and selected those with the best agronomic behavior regarding their productivity, health, head size, number of petals, color intensity, length and caliber of the stems and, most of all, their life span in the vase.



The love and respect we feel towards our workers, we also feel towards our dog friends.


We offer a Personalized Service

Finally, by being a company dedicated to the DEVELOPMENT and INNOVATION of new crops and varieties, we shall be constantly offering new novelty products, of great commercial interest and, to serve that purpose we offer a personalized service, different from our competitors, in terms of quality.

Trabajador - The Chaupi Farm
Trabajador - The Chaupi Farm
Cultivo - The Chaupi Farm
Trabajador - The Chaupi Farm